About this site: "I am Lenz Monath. I am a 3D Artist with 2 years of professional experience in the games industry, currently living near Frankfurt, Germany. My focus is on Environment Art."




Realtime scene, rendered in Unreal 4. Focus on highly detailed props and textures. Textures were created with the help of Substance Painter.


APC - 2016

Retro futuristic flying APC vehicle, rendered in Unreal 4.


WARRIOR Environment - 2015

Collaboration of a few artists from YAGER. I was building the environment for the project, following concept art from Yuriy Marzurkin.



Old soviet ejection seat, rendered in Unreal 4.


DREADNOUGHT - 2014/2015

Dreadnought is a AAA free to play game, developed by YAGER in Berlin. I was working full time as an environment artist on the project. For more information on the project please make sure to visit the official website. I will add more images once the project is released and I got permission to show more of my work.


LAB - 2013

Old scene, I built utilising Unreal Engine 3 inspired by the original Dishonored. Textures were all handpainted



I worked as a Lighting & VFX Artist on the cutscenes of Batman: Arkham Origins at Metricminds. We did a lot of the character lighting and special effects you see in the final cutscenes of the game.


OPERATION PAYBACK / OPERATION BRAVO - 2012/2013 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Source Engine

Together with a couple of friends I worked on community maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, that got featured in the official Operation Payback and Operation Bravo DLCs. I worked closely together with the level designer to establish the art style and feel of each map and contributed with textures and props.



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